Cover5 Is Your
Competitive Advantage

Cover5 Is Your
Competitive Advantage

Branded Onsert Sample Card

Your custom Onsert is a special ad card designed to house one or more samples of your product. It protects and delivers the samples while also displaying your campaign’s imagery and messaging. Wrapped around the spine and the back of the magazine, this exquisitely printed piece gives consumers instant access to your product, even before they open the issue.

Custom Branded Wrapper

The finishing touch on your stunning package is a premium wrapper that accurately displays your brand’s colors, graphics, and imagery. It surrounds the magazine with the impact of your brand and entices subscribers to open and engage with your product upon arrival.

The Cover5 All-inclusive Package

  • Design of the sample Onsert card and wrapper, printing, and production
  • Assembly of samples, magazine, and wrapper
  • Publisher’s magazine space rate
  • U.S. Postal fees and delivery

The Cover5 Turnkey Process

  • Select your title/s and distribution months.
  • Choose the number of consumers you want to reach and refine your demo with ultra-targeting.
  • Supply your product samples and artwork.



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